Our Family Wedding

There should be some humour that emanates from a wedding involving two different cultures. You would think so anyways. But apparently the awkwardness is no guarantee of a good film. Somehow, someway they messed this up.

Lucy (America Ferrera – from television's Ugly Betty) has been keeping some secrets. From her parents, that is. They have no idea that their perfect girl has dropped out of law school and is living with and soon to marry an African-American man. Lucy's family is Hispanic and her fiancé Marcus (Lance Gross – from television's House of Payne) is black. Lucy and Marcus are going to visit her parents and break the news to them. Or at least that is what Marcus wants to do.

Complicating matters even more, Lucy's father Miguel (Carlos Mencia – The Heartbreak Kid) has already met Marcus's father, Brad Boyes (Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland, Repo Men), a famous radio personality. It was not under the best of circumstances however as Miguel, who owns his own garage, was towing Brad's beloved automobile. Not the greatest of beginnings.

When the two families meet at an awkward dinner it does not go great. First the couple springs on their parents that they are living together, soon to be getting married and that Marcus is quitting his job as a doctor to do Doctors Without Borders, so they will be without an income shortly.

After the shock wears off, the two clans with their different cultures and traditions try to make it work in order to organize the wedding. But the differences between the two families becomes apparent and disruptive and even jeopardizes Marcus and Lucy's relationship.

Rather than be amused by the situation I ended up being offended by the simplistic look at the differences between the two cultures. The Latinos and Latinas are all fiery while the African-American male cannot commit to one woman. Really? And it goes on and on. The attempts at humour are so contrived that it renders them humourless. I'm not sure this film has anything going for it. It even made America Ferrera less likable which is saying something!

I was also surprised that an actor of the stature and talent of Forest Whitaker would have involved himself in such a mess. Did he have some bills that needed paying and just said "yes" to the first script that came his way?

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-Extended Scenes
-Gag Reel
-Theatrical Trailer
-Sneak Peeks of The Cleveland Show: Season 1 and The Joneses

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