Tom and Jerry: Deluxe Anniversary Collection

Believe it or not this mouse and cat pair have been chasing and tormenting each other for 70 odd years. That is a lot of mileage on those eight little legs. Classic fun and laughs. Some parents have complained that they find the hijinx too violent but I believe that kids are aware enough to know this is all done in cartoon fun. The episodes are all in chronological order so you can see the differences through the years of how Tom and Jerry were drawn.

Disc 1: "Oscar Winners and Classics"
Puss Gets the Boot – (T&J Spotlight 2)
Midnight Snack – (T&J Spotlight 2)
Dog Trouble – (T&J Spotlight 2)
Fraidy Cat – (T&J Spotlight 2)
Puss 'n' Toots – (T&J Spotlight 2)
The Lonesome Mouse – (T&J Spotlight 2)
Yankee Doodle Mouse – (T&J Spotlight 1)
Mouse Trouble – (T&J Spotlight 1)
Mouse in Manhattan – (T&J Spotlight 2)
Quiet Please – (T&J Spotlight 1)
The Milky Waif – (T&J Spotlight 1)
The Cat Concerto – (T&J Spotlight 1)
The Little Orphan – (T&J Spotlight 1)
Saturday Evening Puss – (T&J Spotlight 2)
Two Mouseketeers – (T&J Spotlight 1)
Johann Mouse – (T&J Spotlight 1)
Touche Pussy Cat – (T&J Spotlight 1)
That's My Mommy – (T&J Spotlight 3)
The Egg and Jerry – (T&J Spotlight 3)
Tops With Pops – (T&J Spotlight 3)

Disc 2 – "Through the Decades"
Excerpt from "Anchors Aweigh" (Jerry performs a dance routine with Gene Kelly)- (T&J Spotlight 1)
Excerpts from "Dangerous When Wet" (a dream sequence where T&J perform a synchronized swimming routine with Esther Williams) – (T&J Spotlight 1)
Penthouse Mouse – Chuck Jones collection
The Cat Above the Mouse Below – Chuck Jones collection
The Cat's Me-Ouch – Chuck Jones collection
Karate Guard – (T&J Spotlight 3 – Bonus Feature)
Cosmic Cat and Meteor Mouse – new-to-DVD (New Tom and Jerry Show)
Jerry's Country Cousin – new-to-DVD (The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show)
Flippin' Fido – new-to-DVD (The Tom and Jerry Kids Show)
Mansion Cat – new-to-DVD Modern-era
A Game of Mouse and Cat – new-to-DVD (Tom and Jerry Tales)

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