The Penguins of Madagascar: New to the Zoo

Ok, by a show of hands, who thought that the penguins were the best part of the Madagascar film series? Everyone, right? Well, there is an entire television series devoted to these hilarious guys. And this DVD gives you a taste of the show by giving you eight episodes from it. Enjoy!

Episode 1: In the Line of Doody: The penguins try to stop a pigeon from taking out its anger on the zoo commissioner.

Episode 2: The Big Squeeze: A new boa constrictor comes to the zoo and all of a sudden zoo animals start disappearing.

Episode 3: Out of the Groove: Julien is upset with the new baboon as he is a better dancer than Julien.

Episode 4: Skorca: Private sees a killer whale over New York City but no one believes him. Kowalski, Skipper and Rico actually think he has gone mad.

Episode 5: The Red Squirrel: Skipper's idol makes all the penguins fall under its spell.

Episode 6: Jiggles: Kowalski accidentally makes a living blob of jelly.

Episode 7: Untouchable: A tiny tree frog starts taking over control of the entire zoo.

Episode 8: Cat's Cradle: On the run from an evil Animal Control officer, Max (a cat) turns to the penguins for help.

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