Ivory @ Montreal World Film Festival

Filmmaker Andrew W. Chan has worked on shorts and features in various capacities and now presents his directorial debut in features at the Montreal World Film festival. It's a complex journey of a pianist and his self-discovery, relationships and his love of music.

Andreas (Tim Draxl) is a talented classically trained pianist and has high hopes to make a name for himself. After attending yet another contest with a fellow pianist named Jake (Travis Fimmel) and failing to win yet again, Andreas decides to seek mentorship from Olga Primakova (Erika Marozsan), a Russian piano teacher who teaches at the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio.

To make more of an impetus to work with her for Andreas, he is privy to the fact that she will be serving as a jury member on the next competition that he will be performing in. As he prepares for the competition, he often finds himself at odds with his teacher yet winds up learning a great deal about his artistic purpose. As the tensions increase, he starts behaving in more reckless ways and has an affair with Jake's girlfriend Alicia (Beau Garrett), a beautiful and talented opera singer. The love triangle takes some unexpected twists and so will the upcoming competition.

Director Andrew W. Chan did a good job for his debut. The story was interesting as we don't often see films that delve into the classical music industry and the challenges that can come with this line of work. The acting and flow of the film were good as well.

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