Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian is, besides being a musician, a poet and an activist, so he uses his music as an outlet to how he feels about a myriad of subjects. His lyrics will concern themselves with politics, the environment, social, and personal issues. An Armenian who was born in Lebanon and now lives in Los Angeles he comes at things from several different viewpoints. What is pervasive in whatever he does is the idea that all cultures and ideas can harmoniously be brought together.

The driving forces behind this epic album are the electronic and orchestral arrangements included in most of the songs. There are your typical rock elements like guitar, drums and bass as well, but they are not what move the songs. With the electronic and orchestral touches the songs are huge…if you know what I mean. They impose their will on the listener. It is interesting to hear that these two opposing varieties of music, orchestral being natural and electronic in essence artificial, can work together.

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