Talented actor Jean Reno was recently in town to promote his new film "L'Immortel." It is a story about the mafia and is based on a fiction book with the same title by author Franz-Olivier Giesbert.

Charly Mattei (Jean Reno) has left the life of crime in order to pursue a peaceful life with his family. One day, as he gets out of his car in an underground parking lot, he is showered with bullets by rivals and is left in a pool of blood. Miraculously, he does not succumb to his injuries and is able to continue on with a minor disability to one of his hands.

This incident causes him to seek revenge and eliminate those who are out to get him. He quickly figures out the "brains" behind this murder attempt, a man named Tony Zacchia (Kad Merad). Charly always considered him as a brother until their paths took different directions. Tony did not like the moral code that Charly imposed such as not taking the lives of children and wives of enemies. Trying to get a hold on the drug trade, Tony is feeling very confident but his confidence is shaken as Charly goes after the gang of shooters one by one.

Zacchia's days are numbered but he is confident that he will be able to get rid of his rival. Who will be the last man standing?

The first thing about this film is that it is extremely violent. You might be thinking, well obviously it is a mafia film so that is normal right? Yes, but it was a bit much at times. I don't understand the need some filmmakers have to show such close ups and detail of massacres. The audience gets it; it doesn't have to be overboard.

Anyway, I think Jean Reno is a really good actor and he was believable in the role that he played in this film. But all it's really about is internal mafia wars and revenge. It's predictable in many ways with maybe the exception of a small twist towards the end.

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