Drop Dead Diva: The Complete First Season

Big is beautiful! A television series that follows the story of Deb (played by Brooke D'Orsay), a shallow but young, thin and beautiful aspiring model, is killed in a car accident while talking on her phone. Something special happens and Deb ends up in the body of another recently deceased young woman. Deb is in the body of intelligent, pretty but overweight Jane (played by Brooke Elliott).

Needless to say there is some adjustments to make on Deb's part. She has to get used to being overweight and intelligent. The change of body really opens her eyes about what real beauty is.

Episode 1: Pilot: Deb, a beautiful woman who is very shallow, dies suddenly she finds herself in the body of Jane, an overweight and very intelligent lawyer'

Episode 2: The F Word: Deb finds out the hard way what life is like for Jane.

Episode 3: Do Over: Jane cannot control her emotions and finds herself in jail for contempt of court.

Episode 4: The Chinese Wall: Jane defends Deb's mom (played by Sharon Lawrence) in a divorce suit.

Episode 5: Lost + Found: Deb, who was 24, has to live through Jane's 32nd birthday party.

Episode 6: Second Chances: Jane defends a soccer mom who committed a crime and jumped bail 20 years ago.

Episode 7: The Magic Bullet: Grayson (played by Jackson Hurst) and Teri (played by Margaret Cho) defend Kim (played by Kate Levering) when she is accused of sexual harassment.

Episode 8: Crazy: Deb has to deal with attending Jane's high school reunion.

Episode 9: The Dress: Jane decides to sue an upscale women's boutique that does not serve plus size women.

Episode 10: Make Me a Match: Jane decides to play matchmaker for Judge Madelaine Summers (played by Rosie O'Donnell).

Episode 11: What If?: Jane takes a case involving a woman who thinks she was switched at birth.

Episode 12: Dead Model Walking: Grayson and Kim work on a pro-bono case involving a woman who will not sell her house to a developer because it holds too many memories for her.

Episode 13: Grayson's Anatomy: Everyone at the firm is walking on eggshells because a they think Parker (played by Josh Stamberg) is going to name a new partner.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Dreamisodes, Rosie's Rap, Dropping in With Drop Dead Diva, Cho and Tell, Previews for The Accidental Husband, Dear John, Hachi: A Dog's Tale, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Nine, The Young Victoria, and Dawson's Creek

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