Ben Folds and Nick Hornby

Musician Ben Folds and Oscar nominated screenwriter Nick Hornby (About a Boy, An Education) got together to collaborate on this album. Hornby wrote the lyrics and Folds the music. Since he attended a Ben Folds concert in the U.K. Hornby has been a fan and he even wrote an essay about how he liked Folds' writing style. So the partnership seems to be one of destiny.

A long distance friendship formed between the two men a couple of years ago with Hornby living in England and Folds in Nashville. Writing music to Hornby's lyrics, Folds recorded it for vinyl (in analog) in his refurbished orchestra-sized studio then remastered it at Abbey Road in London.

Though the songs are all stories of a sort that feature quite sad sack characters (kinda like Hornby's films) they end up being upbeat despite that fact. You totally sympathize with the people he is singing about. For the fans of Ben Folds this is quite a different kind of album for him, but it is a good one. The songs are not instantly catchy though they will win you over after a couple of listens. A lot of magic has been created in this partnership.

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