SpongeBob SquarePants: Trition’s Revenge

Wherever SpongeBob SquarePants finds himself trouble and sillyness is usually not far behind. This collection of seven episodes proves to be no different. Fun and frivolity under the sea.

Episode 1: The Clash of Triton: It is King Triton's birthday at the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob wants all his friends to be there including Triton's estranged son, Neptune.

Episode 2: Sand Castles in the Sand: What starts out as a pleasant day of building sand castles turns into all out war between SpongeBob and Patrick.

Episode 3: Shell Shocked: Gary's shell breaks so SpongeBob goes about searching for another one for him.

Episode 4: Chum Bucket Supreme: Patrick is hired by Plankton to come up with an ad slogan for the Chum Bucket.

Episode 5: Single Cell Anniversary: SpongeBob tries to help Plankton find a great anniversary gift for Karen.

Episode 6: Tentacle-Vision: Squidward is the star of his own public access television show.

Episode 7: I Heart Dancing: Squidward does all he can to sabotage SpongeBob's big dance audition.

Special Features: "The Clash of the Titans" Shorts, Fanboy + Chum Chum Episode: "Wiz Boy/Pick a Nose"

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