Eric Clapton

Nineteen solo albums. That is the number that guitar god Eric Clapton is up to. Pretty impressive stuff. When you have recorded that many albums (and that doesn't even cunt his work with Cream and other bands) over the course of your career you know that you have been successful for a long period of time.

He began recording the album in a very organic style and during the process it became something completely different from what he intended. Clapton originally wanted to do an album of the jazz standards he grew up with alongside those of his frequent partner in crime, JJ Cale. This idea germinated until it became an eclectic mix of songs that include brass band numbers to obscure country blues tunes and finally some originals were thrown into the mix. Despite all these different styles it still feels like a cohesive piece of work.

The result is a huge album filled with 14 tracks. It is unlike anything Clapton has recorded before, which is saying quite a mouthful considering the size of his catalogue. There is also an all-star line up of guests on the album including Cale, Sheryl Crow, Wynton Marsalis, and Steve Winwood.

At the age of 65 he has plenty of road behind him and he truly embodies the moniker "Slow Hand" now. Do not mistake this for an insult. I just mean that when he plays music now he is calm, cool and collected. On the album everything is relaxed and Clapton is in total control of the material along with how he wants to present it. His musical choices are what you have come to expect from him, but still enjoyable.

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