Desperate Housewives: The Complete Sixth Season

A close knit group before and when the going gets rough for the women living on Wisteria Lane in season six an even closer knit group of friends. The women on Wisteria Lane still have to deal with mystery, secrets, newcomers, tragedy, pregnancy, and, of course, romance. There are plenty of new characters around to keep things fresh and sometimes confusing, but fear not as Bree (played by Marica Cross), Susan (played by Teri Hatcher), Gabrielle (played by Eva Langoria Parker), and Lynette (played by Felicity Huffman) still have time for each other and to gossip about the goings on and the people in this not so quiet area of suburbia

Episode 1: Nice is Different Than Good: We finally find out who Mike Delfino (played by James Denton) married.

Episode 2: Being Alive: Lynette keeps a secret from Susan.

Episode 3: Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover: Carlos (played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira) believes that Gabrielle still has feelings for John (played by Jesse Metcalfe).

Episode 4: The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me-Blues: It becomes apparent how much of an effect losing Mike has taken on Katherine (played by Dana Delany)

Episode 5: Everybody Ought to Have a Maid: Katherine and Susan get into a catfight over Mike.

Episode 6: Don't Walk on the Grass: Bree starts to have feelings for Karl (played by Richard Burgi) and decides to nip the relationship in the bud before it gets serious.

Episode 7: Careful the Things You Say: Susan suspects that Katherine strangled her daughter Julie (played by Andrea Bowen).

Episode 8: The Coffee Cup: Gabrielle uses every trick in the book to get her daughter into Catholic school.

Episode 9: Would I Think of Suicide?: Susan and Bree argue about Bree's involvement with Karl.

Episode 10: Boom Crunch: The friendship between Gabrielle and Lynette seems to be done.

Episode 11: If…: After a plane crash those who live on Wisteria Lane reexamine their lives and the choices they have made.

Episode 12: Lynette discovers how Tom (played by Doug Savant) truly feels about her job.

Episode 13: How About a Friendly Shrink?: Lynette does not want to go to couples therapy.

Episode 14: The Glamorous Life: Susan becomes friends with an exotic dancer named Robin (played by Julie Benz).

Episode 15: Lovely: The neighbourhood is abuzz when Susan invites Robin into her house.

Episode 16: The Chase: When one of her daughters comes down with the chicken pox Gabrielle has to move out as she has never had them and it reminds her of when she was a single lady.

Episode 17: Chromolume #7: Katherine is confused about her feelings towards Robin.

Episode 18: My Two Young Men: Bree invites Sam (played by Sam Page) over for a family dinner.

Episode 19: We All Deserve to Die: Susan is creative in her attempts to help Mike with his money problems.

Episode 20: Epiphany: It is revealed that the Fairview Strangler has been living on Wisteria Lane all along.

Episode 21: A Little Night Music: Gabrielle and Susan come up with quite a plan against their own husbands.

Episode 22: The Ballad of Booth, Part 1: Bree offers Sam a payoff to walk away.

Episode 23: I Guess This is Goodbye, Part 2: Susan and Mike get ready to move from Wisteria Lane.

Special Features: Bloopers, Deleted scenes, Cherry Picked, Desperate Housewives Master, Miss Piggy Takes Wisteria Lane

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