Fran Healy

If the name is vaguely familiar to you it is because he is the frontman of the Scottish band Travis. Travis has made a successful career out of writing and recording some of the catchiest pop melodies known to man. Though he is completely happy with his band Healy decided it was time to record some music on his own.

The solo record has a much more personal feel to it than does the (though wonderful) Travis stuff. Actually, to some fans disappointment, I'm sure, this does not sound like a Travis album at all. Healy has written all the songs and plays nearly every instrument on the 10 track album.

Forging out on his own, Healy has invited a couple of friends along for the "recording my first solo effort" ride. And these are not just any old guest as he has managed to snag none other that Sir Paul McCartney to play bass on a track that would not have been out of place on a Beatles' album. Also Neko Case turns in solid vocals on "Sing Me to Sleep", a country influenced song that is perfect for her voice. The rest of the album is filled with rather introspective and moody tracks. Don't think that it makes the album a down and dour one because Healy's warmth and humour does come through in many spots.

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