Orlando: Special Edition

Sometimes good films go underappreciated. Maybe it is because they are not marketed correctly. Maybe it is because they are unusual and don't appeal to wide audience. And that hit's the nail on the head when it comes to Sally Potter's (Tango Lesson, Yes) Orlando. It is a lush and Continue Reading

The First Day of School

Each fall hundreds of millions of kids worldwide get ready for the first day of school. It is a time of anxiety and excitement for them and their parents. Follow along with their favourite Nickelodeon cartoon characters as they go on their first day of school. Episode 1: Dora the Continue Reading

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Though I had not read any of the Wimpy Kid books I was still able to enjoy the movie. It is not the type of film that comes along very often anymore. Good clean fun that both kids and parents can enjoy. No off coloured language or sexual situations. Properly Continue Reading

The Flood Thereafter

The Flood Thereafter is a play of Quebec origin that was originally written by Sarah Berthiaume and translated into English by Nadine Desrochers. It’s a self-described twisted fairy tale chronicling a small fishing town that was brought to ruin by the mermaid Grace (Catherine Colvey). Grace’s daughter, June (Amelia Sargisson) Continue Reading