The Flood Thereafter

The Flood Thereafter is a play of Quebec origin that was originally written by Sarah Berthiaume and translated into English by Nadine Desrochers. It’s a self-described twisted fairy tale chronicling a small fishing town that was brought to ruin by the mermaid Grace (Catherine Colvey). Grace’s daughter, June (Amelia Sargisson) is beautiful, but when she strips at the local bar, the men all break down into tears. The play focuses on June’s struggle to discover who she is, with the catalyst being the arrival of the marooned trucker Dennis (Chimwemwe Miller).

This was a very emotionally gripping play. The actors were able to convey a sense of realism with their dialogue, down to mannerisms and facial expression. I found the dynamic between Grace and June to be very well done. The bartender George (Bill Rowat) and local man Homer (Stephane Blanchette) weep uncontrollably on stage when June strips; the scene was memorable and comedic as the audience laughed at the absurdity and unexpectedness of the scene.

The set, designed by Lyne Paquette was extremely interesting visually. On its own, it looks like the broken hull of a shipwreck, with the different pieces representing different locations in town. The floor was scattered with kelp-like “wigs” that Homer’s wife, Penelope (Felicia Shulman) was often working on in the background, and that June would pose with when she stripped. The lighting was very well done thanks to David Perreault Ninacs, as it was used to hold the focus of the audience and add emphasis on certain characters. Costuming was done by Fruzsina Lanyi and fit the “small Quebec town” ambiance very well. The sound was done by Michael Leon and it enriched the experience including effects like cell phones, bar music, vehicles and water sounds.

This play was a refreshing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates dry humour with a touch of the absurd.

Additional Information:
-Venue: 3700 St. Dominique
-Ticket Purchase: At Box Office or (514) 843-7738
-Ticket Prices: Adults: $28.50
Students: $24.50
-Show Times: Evenings: 8:00 p.m.
Matinees: 1:30 p.m. or 3:00 p.m.

Photos by Talisman Theatre

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