Roger Waters: The Wall Live Concert Preview

roger waters live 2017Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is a double album that has sold 30 million copies worldwide and is still moving an incredible number of units around 30 years later. The band has long since broken up, but Roger Waters continues to tour and is now touring with a show in which he plays the entire album.

Roger Waters was the bassist of British prog rock band Pink Floyd. The band was hugely popular around the world, but especially so here in Montreal. They played here in 1977 at the Big O and the crowd was 75,000 strong. It was during that show, in which Waters infamously spat at a rowdy fan in the front row, that Waters got the inspirations for “The Wall”. It all came from an idea of creating a barrier or a wall in between the band and their audience.

The themes behind the album are alienation, death of a parent, divorce, dealing with being a rock star, and building an emotional wall between yourself and the outside world. Roger Waters wrote most of the album, which was initially panned by music critics as the whinings of a rich rock star, that went on to be the one that defined the band.

This year’s version of the tour is filled with eye-popping visuals and really emphasizes the album’s anti-war theme. It still involves the actual building of a wall during the show in between Waters and the audience.

Additional Information:
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-Ticket Prices: $55.00, $75.00, $125.00, $250.00 (plus taxes and service charges)
-Show Time: 8:00 p.m.

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