Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrity Tattoos

It seems like everyone and his dog are getting tattoos nowadays. It is no longer restricted to people in jail, members of motorcycle gangs or sailors. The stigma is gone so everyone is getting them. Some are great and some not so great. The prevalence of tattoos is especially heavy amongst celebrities, athletes and rock stars. Here is a list in no particular order of the 10 hottest male celebrities who are sporting some significant tattoos:

1) Justin Timberlake: Even a former member of the Mickey Mouse Club has gone the route of tattoos. He used to be in a boy band for gosh sakes! Most of his arms are covered as well as parts of his well-defined torso. His are all of the blue variety and are of stars, a huge one on his right shoulder of the Virgin Mary, a large Celtic cross, and Chinese figures.

2) Colin Farrell: It is not so surprising that this Irish bad boy is sporting some tats. His most significant one is on his right should which extends all the way down almost to his elbow. He has a large cross on his arm with the words “carpe diem” underneath. On his heart he has a tattoo of a rose.

3) Lenny Kravitz: Rocker Kravitz has plenty covering his torso. Another man with a great body, the tattoos go well with the piercings of his nipples…if you like that kind of thing. His include a Chinese black and gray dragon, a cross on his right bicep and a floral tattoo.

4) John Mayer: Guitarist John Mayer is hated by many for his outspokenness but loved by more for the way he looks. Part of his looks is the massive tattoo that covers almost the entirety of his left arm. This one features several colours. He also has the number 77 over his heart.

1CCAFD1000000578-3185158-Tattoo_lover_It_is_safe_to_say_that_David_Beckham_love_of_body_a-a-100_14387313220705) David Beckham: Even Mr. Posh Spice has become a canvas for tattoos over the past couple of years. His upper body is pretty much entirely covered with them. His sleeves include a nude female figure, stars and roses. Hey, it’s gotta be stylish if Becks is doing it.

6) Anthony Kedis: The frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has had his for a number of years. Mostly on his arms, he seems to favour Celtic and Native imagery. On his back he has a huge Haida Thunderbird covering almost the entirety of it.

7) Johnny Depp: His are also quite old and totally old school. His four tattoos are located on his upper arms and feature an Indian head and a red heart.

8) Travie McCoy: This guy, the frontman of Gym Class Heroes who has released his first solo album, loves tattoos. His torso is covered with them and they even extend up his neck.

9) Tommy Lee: Rock drummer (Motley Crue), reality show star and former hubby of Pam Anderson, Tommy Lee has always had tattoos. It totally fits his bad boy, womanizer rep.

10) Daniel Craig: James Bond even has a tattoo. He has been getting them since he was 17. His body is covered with a number or tattoos but mostly in areas that can be covered. A few of them are a condor on his upper right arm and a secret one that can be found somewhere under his bathing suit.


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