Nashville Pussy

Atlanta, Georgia's Nashville Pussy consists of Blaine Cartwright (lead vocals, guitar), his wife Ruyter Suys (guitar), Karen Cuda (bass) and Jeremy Thompson (drums). Nashville Pussy hit the stage hard right around 11pm at La Cabaret Just Pour Rire last night.

La Cabaret can accommodate 500 people standing, and the lower level was absolutely packed. This self proclaimed heavy metal / tex-mex / punk quartet was ready to rock n roll, and everyone in the crowd knew it. After being warmed up by the all-girl punk band Civet, the ominous Jaws theme signalled their entrance as Nashville Pussy took the stage, starting the set off with their adrenaline charged "Speed Machine".

Nashville Pussy has an infectious charisma and it really translates well to their live show. Lead singer and guitarist Blaine Cartwright made many shout-outs, the most memorable of which was the lead-in to "Hate & Whiskey" where he talked about how it was inspired by his hometown in Kentucky.

The music was loud and the crowd was wild. The numerous metal heads in attendance clearly loved every minute of the show, and by the time "High as Hell' began the mosh pit came alive with a raw, crazed fervour. During the fifth song ("From Hell to Texas") the crowd surfing began like an angry sea of human energy. Nubile young bodies were passed around above our heads and the celebration never ceased.

The Cabaret was the perfect venue for this intense heavy metal machine and by the way, the band loves to play in Montreal and especially at La Cabaret.

Speed Machine
Goin Down Swingin
High as Hell
Come on, Come On
From Hell to Texas
Ain't Your Business
Hate & Whiskey
Shoot First
I'm So High
Late Great USA
Drunk Driving Man
Nutbush City Limits
Struttin Cock
Why Why Why
Go Motherfucker Go
Goin Down

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