What do Men Really Find Attractive?

Anthropologist Barnaby Dixson of New Zealand conducted a survey recently to try and find out what men really found most attractive in women. This supposed scientific study came up with the fact that men seemed to find women with a 0.7 hip-to-waist ratio the most appealing. Want to know how he did it?

The men were all given different pictures of the same women in which her waist, bust and hips were digitally altered. They were then asked to state which they found most attractive and an infra-red camera tracked their eye movements. Dixson then took the results and charted which hips-to-waist ratio scored the highest.

So it seems that the answer is in the data, right? Women who have a 0.7 hip-to-waist ration have the greatest chance of attracting men. Well, if you look at what happens in real life it is not all that scientific or easy.

A friend was dating a perfect 0.7 girl but he ended up dumping her because he grew tired of the time and money she put into maintaining it. Complaining it was no fun and she was still timid in bed because she did not think her body was up to snuff. He ended up with a girl with a higher ratio and was much happier, thanks very much! The key was, according to my friend, that he found her much more attractive because she was more confident about her body and the way it looked. Hmmm…could it be that men find confidence sexy?

I then spoke to a sex therapist who said that these so-called scientific studies were just a load of hooey. They did not translate into real life. Men want a woman who enjoys sex and her own body. Sex is important throughout the whole lifespan of men and really what gets their juices flowing about their partner. She said that her patients have told her that it doesn't matter the size of the woman that they just like admiring the female form in the flesh. The details of what make up the body don't really matter to them.

The problem is that most women when told this about men do not believe it. They continue to judge themselves and other women based solely on the size and condition of their bodies. I wish that women would live by the line in "Eat Pray Love" that asks the question of whether a man who has ever seen your body naked has refused sex. I believe that women should think about that a little and see that the answer is "no". Allow that to instill more confidence in them and the ability to enjoy sex with their partner.

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