Lignes de Vie @ Nouveau Cinema Film Festival

The Nouveau Cinema film festival gives us a chance to see movies from around the world that normally we may not have the chance to see at the local cineplex. Often as well, we have the opportunity to see a variety of themes also not often seen in mainstream films. "Lignes De Vie" by French director, writer and editor Alain Mazars, is a mystical film which is described as a blend of fiction, documentary and film essay.

The story follows the journey of a senior Eurasian backpacker who very much wants to be a shaman. He meets a young woman in the forest who has healing abilities and can see the future. She slowly teaches him the tools to become a shaman.

In the meantime, a crazed murderer is on the loose in this particular forest and leaves a string of victims along the way. The lead character's healing abilities continue to improve and he catches a glance of the murderer disposing of a victim. Then continues to follow him at a distance in order to study him further. They eventually do wind up meeting face to face and then the murderer feels threatened by the young girl and the shaman, so he sets his sights on them. This unleashes the battle between good and bad.

This movie definitely is unique and is told in a very different way. There is not too much dialogue as the images and actors facial expressions do a lot of the talking. This aspect also brought another dimension to the story as well. There were some parts where it was a bit slow but then it picked up. The mystical aspect also added some mystery to the film. Overall, a good effort.

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