Dora’s Slumber Party

Bedtime is often a stressful time for young people, who don't want to go to sleep, and their parents. "Dora's Slumber Party" teaches kids bedtime rituals, the difference between being noisy and quiet and some basic Spanish language skills.

Episode 1: Boot's Cuddly Dinosaur: Boots cannot fall asleep without his stuffed dinosaur. You have to help Boots and Dora find it and help another friend fall asleep.

Episode 2: The Lost City: Dora has lost her teddy bear Osito and cannot go to bed without him. You have to help Dora and Boots find Osito and other treasures in the Lost City.

Episode 3: Super Babies' Dream Adventure: Dora tells the twins a super story about how the Super Babies helped the Dream Fairy brings happy naptime dreams to everyone.

Episode 4: Louder!: Dora and Boots have to help Red Rooster wake up the sun as all their friends are still asleep.

Episode 5: Little Star: Little Star falls to Earth and Dora and Boots need your help putting her back in the sky.

Episode 6: Dora Had a Little Lamb: Dora and Boots jump into a book of nursery rhymes so they can bring Little Lamb back to Mary and help other nursery rhyme friends too.

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