Let’s Hear it For The Laurie Berkner Band

For very young kids (ages 2-6) The Laurie Berkner Band are like The Beatles or Elvis Presley – they make them stand up, dance and sing at the top of their lungs. The catchy music played by this group makes them wildly popular amongst kids. This DVD is filled with the band's best loved tunes and hosts Moose and Zee bring the young ones through music, movement and games that'll help them learn to love music.

Songs: 1) Who's That?
2) Victor Vito
3) Five Days Old
4) My Energy
5) I'm a Mess
6) In the Clouds
7) Pig on her Head
8) The Cat Came Back
9) Farm Song
10) I Really Love to Dance
11) I'm Me and You're You
12) Sneaks
13) I'm Not Perfect
14) Rocketship Run
15) Magic Box
16) Fast and Slow (The Rabbit and the Turtle)

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