Rolling With Stone @ Nouveau Cinema Film Festival

After hearing the title of this documentary, some people thought it had something to do with the Rolling Stones. To clear things up, it actually is not about the famous rock band but is about famous Hollywood director Oliver Stone. He is best known for films such as "Wall Street," "Alexander" and "Platoon."

French director Sarah Bertrand gives us a behind the scenes look into Oliver Stone's making of "South Of The Border," a documentary about Hugo Chavez and other South American heads of state. She follows him to Venezuela and gives us a more personal look into Stone's vision for his documentary and his interactions with the controversial Hugo Chavez. We also get to hear about Stone's filming process and some of his experiences. He delves into the challenges of filmmaking and also gives us some insight into the financial aspects and restrictions of mainstream media. Then he goes on further to express how he has dealt with criticism and also expresses his social and political commitment. A rare glimpse into the life of one of Hollywood's most well known directors.

This documentary was definitely a rare opportunity to hear about such personal things as were discussed by Stone in his candid interviews. The camera was hand held and very home movie type but was just way too shaky at times, which had me turning away when it was unpleasant visually. The content, the interviews and the personal look into the lives of the people featured in the documentary is however something that is worth watching it for.

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