The Lucy Show: The Official Second Season

Lucille Ball was the queen of comedy. During the entire run of this series it was a Top 10 hit. Throughout this entire season Lucy Carmichael (played by Lucille Ball) goes up time and time again against Theodore J. Mooney (played by Gale Gordon), the bank president. Mr. Mooney controls Lucy's trust fund and rules it with an iron fist, which dismays Lucy because she always wants more money for something. The cycle goes on and on as Lucy keeps asking for advances and Mr. Mooney keeps refusing her.

Episode 1: Lucy Plays Cleopatra: Lucy wins the role of Cleopatra for the Volunteer Fire Department fundraiser.

Episode 2: Kiddie Parties, Inc: Lucy and Viv (played by Vivian Vance) start their own business putting on kid's birthday parties.

Episode 3: Lucy and Viv Play Softball: A player cannot take part in a playoff softball game, so the coach tells Lucy and Viv that they will have to compete for that spot.

Episode 4: Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault: At the bank trying to apologize to Mr. Mooney, Lucy ends up getting them both locked in the vault overnight.

Episode 5: Lucy and the Safecracker: Lucy locks Mr. Mooney in the vault a second time, so she hires a safecracker to get him out.

Episode 6: Lucy Goes Duck Hunting: Vivian suggests to Lucy that she take an interest in her date's interests, so Lucy ends up going duck hunting.

Episode 7: Lucy and the Bank Scandal: Lucy thinks Mr. Mooney is spending a lot of money lately and once she finds out that the bank's books are short, so Lucy suspects him.

Episode 8: Lucy Decides to Redecorate: Lucy talks Mr. Mooney into giving her $200 to redecorate her living room, but she gets the idea into her head that if she and Viv do the work she can pocket the rest of the money.

Episode 9: Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank: In order to prove that the town needs a fire department Lucy pretends to set fire to the bank.

Episode 10: Lucy and the Military Academy: Lucy suffers from separation anxiety when Jerry goes off to military school.

Episode 11: Lucy's College Reunion: Lucy visits her old university with her daughter Chris (played by Candy Moore) and decides to steal the founder's statue as a joke, but ends up locked in the bell tower with Viv.

Episode 12: The Loophole in the Lease: Lucy finds out that her tenant – Viv – has the option to buy her house, so she tries to steal the lease.

Episode 13: Lucy Conducts the Symphony: Lucy accidentally puts Viv's cousin to sleep while trying to cure him of a bad case of the hiccups.

Episode 14: Lucy Plays Florence Nightingale: Lucy is working as a candy striper and visits Mr. Mooney while he recovers.

Episode 15: Lucy Goes to Art Class: Lucy and Viv compete for a man that they met at an art supply store.

Episode 16: Chris Goes Steady: Chris decides to go steady with Mr. Mooney's son Ted (played by Michael J. Pollard).

Episode 17: Lucy Takes Up Golf: Trying to spend more time with her golf nut of a boyfriend, Lucy takes part in a golf tournament.

Episode 18: Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing: In order to help Jerry (played by Jimmy Garrett) and Sherman (played by Ralph Hart) with their fundraising show, she books who she thinks is an Ethel Merman look-alike, but doesn't realize that she is dealing with the real thing.

Episode 19: Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show: Lucy does not want to be the wardrobe mistress of the show and pleads to be a part of it.

Episode 20: Lucy and Viv Open a Restaurant: Lucy talks Viv into using her nest egg to open a restaurant together.

Episode 21: Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank: In order to get the money to buy Jerry a tuba, Lucy takes on a job at the bank.

Episode 22: Viv Moves Out: After getting into a big fight with Luch, Vivian decides to move out.

Episode 23: Lucy is Her Own Lawyer: Lucy is lawyer, client and witness in her case against Mr. Mooney

Episode 24: Lucy Meets a Millionaire: Lucy meets a good looking Italian millionaire (played by Cesare Danova) and things are going well until she ruins his tuxedo.

Episode 25: Lucy Goes into Politics: Lucy is very excited about volunteering to work on Mr. Mooney's political campaign, but he isn't.

Episode 26: Lucy and the Scout Trip: Den mothers Lucy and Viv bust in on the scouts' overnight trip and then lose their canoe and get lost in the woods.

Episode 27: Lucy is a Process Server: Wanting to have some money to go on a summer vacation Lucy starts working as a process server.

Episode 28: Lucy Enters a Baking Contest: Lucy swears she will win the town pie-baking contest in order to stop her friends from making fun of her cooking.

Special Features: A Note About Color, Let's Talk to Carole, Original Broadcasts, Meet Gale Gordon, Guest Cast, Production Notes, Photo Gallery, CBS: The Stars' Address, Lucy and the Merm, The Lucille Ball Comedy Hour, Let's Talk to Barry, Opening Night, Recovered Cast Commercial, Meet Jess Oppenheimer

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