The Andy Griffith Show 50th Anniversary: The Best of Mayberry

The best of this warm hearted American television program. These are the episodes most loved by the fans. A television classic that ran from 1960-68 with over 200 episodes airing.

A nice overview of the entire series it includes everything from the introduction of the town of Mayberry and its characters on The Danny Kaye Show to the reunion television movie.

Episode 1: CHRISTMAS STORY: Old scrooge Ben Weaver (played by Will Wright) insists that Andy (played by Andy Griffith) and Barney (played by Don Knotts) lock up a moonshiner on Christmas so they decide to bring Christmas to the jail.

Episode 2: THE PICKLE STORY: Aunt Bee (played by Francis Bavier) and Clara Johnson (played by Hope Summers) both jar pickles and while Clara's are good no one has the nerve to tell Aunt Bee her's taste awful.

Episode 3: BARNEY AND THE CHOIR: The choir director asks Barney to join the choir and then finds out that he cannot sing.

Episode 4: MR McBEEVEE: Opie (played by Ron Howard) begins describing his new friend Mr McBeevee but people don't believe him or the description.

Episode 5: CONVICTS-AT-LARGE: Barney and Floyd (played by Howard McNear) are held captive in a cabin by three female convicts.

Episode 6: MAN IN A HURRY: The car of a businessman in a hurry breaks down just outside of Mayberry and Wally (played by Norman Leavitt) refuses to fix it until Monday so he has to stay in town overnight.

Episode 7: CLASS REUNION: Andy is at his high school reunion and he learns that some memories never fade and that some broken hearts are never mended.

Episode 8: THE DARLINGS ARE COMING: A musical mountain family arrives in Mayberry.

Episode 9: BARNEY'S FIRST CAR: Barney buys his first car but is beside himself when it turns out to be a lemon.

Episode 10: DOGS, DOGS, DOGS: A pack of stray dogs invade the courthouse just before it is due to be audited.

Episode 11: MOUNTAIN WEDDING: Briscoe Darling (played by Denver Pyle) comes to Andy for help when Ernest T. Bass (played by Howard Morris) decides to court his daughter Charlene (played by Maggie Peterson), who is already married.

Episode 12: OPIE THE BIRDMAN: Opie kills a mother bird with his new slingshot and feeling guilty he decides to raise the babies on his own.

Episode 13: THE SERMAN FOR TODAY: A visiting preacher talks everyone into slowing down and they end up speeding up in their attempt to slow down.

Episode 14: CITIZEN'S ARREST: Gomer (played by Jim Nabors) makes a citizen's arrest of Barney for the same infraction that Barney ticketed him for.

Episode 15: FUN GIRLS: Two fun girls descend upon Andy and Barney at the jail house and this makes Helen (played by Aneta Corsaut) and Thelma Lou (played by Betty Lynn).

Episode 16: BARNEY'S SIDECAR: Barney buys an old World War I motorcycle and begins to do highway patrol on it.

Episode 17: GOOBER AND THE ART OF LOVE: Andy and Barney are tired of Goober (played by George Lindsey) tagging along on their dates so they decide to try and teach him how to talk to women.

Special Features: Return To Mayberry, Clip from Opening Night 1963, "Danny Meets Andy Griffith" (From "The Danny Thomas Show S7), Main Title with sponsor spots; cast commercial end credits with sponsor spots, "Fishin' Hole" Montage, Clip from Opening Night 1962, View all Episodic Intros, Celebrating Fifty Years of Mayberry

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