2010’s Top 10 Red Carpet Stars

I don't think I am going too far in stating that some careers are made or broken on the red carpet. Yes, what people do onscreen (big or small) or on their albums is what keeps them employable. Though once you have grabbed the attention of the public you can lose it or keep it by how you dress. The careers of actresses like Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron or music people like Victoria Beckham have been helped by the fact that they know how to wear a dress and keep the spotlight focused on them. Of course, their talent got them where they are but their elevated style sense has kept them there. Here is my top 10 for the year 2010 on the red carpet in no particular order:

1) Lea Michele: This gal from the television hit Glee has earned attention due to her talent and voice along with her ability to look great on the red carpet. She did not really have a misstep fashionwise all of 2010. It was one great age appropriate dress after another. She is comfortable playing with different colours and styles. The only consistent is that each one is, like her voice, note perfect. Always looks adorable.

2) Olivia Wilde: The woman who plays a bisexual doctor on television's House is always fashionable. Another actress who is willing to experiment with her looks. Whether she is looking romantic, ethereal or cutting edge, Olivia Wilde always chooses looks that compliment. Manages to look effortlessly elegant.

3) Katy Perry: Now you might think I have gone off the deep end with this choice but wait for it. I think she was the most improved red carpet star in 2010. Maybe it is due to the fact that she is now a married woman but often this California gurl who previously had a very quirky fashion sense is now looking quite mature on the red carpet. She has managed to keep her style very Katy (read cheeky) while upping the classy factor. Some of her red carpet looks have been dresses that fall beneath the knees. Come to understand what it takes to have the right amount of pop and pretty.

4) Angelina Jolie: She is another woman whose fashion sense has gotten better as she has gotten older. While still remaining sexy (looking like that how could she not?), Angelina has incorporated comfortable into her look. One of the rare women who can still achieve va-va-voom while being comfy. Has made a career out of making boring black still sexy.

5) Blake Lively: This is a young starlet who is obviously into clothes. She can always be seen in the newest fashion trends and sitting in the front row of fashion shows. Blake Lively obviously not only just attends the shows but learns plenty from them as she always looks good. Knows how to choose the right "now" piece. Great at choosing colours that compliment her eyes and has a shoe collection that most women would die for. Chanel is one of her favourite designers.

6) Emma Watson: The young star of the Harry Potter films is the queen of age appropriate wear. She rarely disappointed on the red carpet this year and due to the release of the second to last Harry Potter film she was on many. Seems to favour vintage looks lately and knows how to choose ones that compliment her. Burberry is her go to label. Demonstrated that when you keep thinks classy you can get away with mile long slits without looking trashy.

7) Carey Mulligan: This Brit who exploded onto the scene in 2009 kept it going in 2010. She has been on many a fashion magazine's best dressed lists and for good reason. Always cute with her pixie hair cut she compliments it well with classy and timeless looks. Sophisticated and youthful. Ladylike and unstuffy.

8) Taylor Swift: Keeping the trend of the young ladies dressing well is country music darling Taylor Swift. This year she turned 21 and seemed to take that as the cue that it was alright for her to introduce a sexier element to her red carpet looks.

9) Anne Hathaway: Anne Hathaway has not only played princesses on the big screen but tends to look like one on the red carpet. Always looks very feminine but can also be edgy.

10) Eva Langoria: She always looks great when walking the red carpet. Very stylish and willing to wear a rainbow of colours. Is an expert at finishing off her looks with great accessories. Her close friendship with Victoria Beckham seems to be paying off in the fashion area.

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