Modern Family:The Complete First Season

It is rare that critics and the public agree but this is one of them. Rave reviews are all that this newish show has gotten. It is genuinely hysterical. The absurdity of many of the situations and characters will have you clutching your stomach as you hit rewind to watch scenes over and over. The families on the show are definitely examples of the different types of families in existence in today's modern world. The only difference is that they are a lot funnier.

Episode 1: Pilot: Jay (played by Ed O'Neill) has married the much younger and Columbian Gloria (played by Sofia Vargara).

Episode 2: The Bicycle Thief: Manny (played by Rico Rodriguez) and Jay decide to spend some father-son time together.

Episode 3: Come Fly With Me: Mitchell (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) shows his snooty side when he and Cameron (played by Eric Stonestreet) go to Costco.

Episode 4: The Incident: Claire (played by Julie Bowden) and Mitchell's mother, Dede (played by Shelley Long) pays a surprise visit.

Episode 5: Coal Digger: The whole family goes to Jay and Gloria's for football and BBQ.

Episode 6: Run For Your Wife: It is the first day of school.

Episode 7: En Garde: Manny starts fencing and the whole family gets behind him in support.

Episode 8: Great Expectations: Claire, who has a reputation for giving bad gifts, tries to outdo herself with her surprise anniversary gift for Phil (played by Ty Burrell).

Episode 9: Fizbo: Phil and Claire host a surprise birthday party for Luke (played by Nolan Gould).

Episode 10: Undeck the Halls: Gloria and Manny want to incorporate some Columbian traditions in the Christmas celebrations.

Episode 11: Up All Night: Mitchell and Cameron have a hard time as the begin to start sleep training Lily.

Episode 12: Not In My House: Claire finds pornography on the computer and assumes it is Luke when it really is Phil.

Episode 13: Fifteen Percent: Claire is waging battle with Phil's remote.

Episode 14: Moon Landing: Claire feels like a loser when she meets up with her old friend Valerie (played by Minnie Driver).

Episode 15: My Funky Valentine: The families are all preparing for Valentine's Day.

Episode 16: Fears: Mitchell and Cameron invite Lily's pediatrician over for dinner.

Episode 17: Truth Be Told: Phil rediscovers an ex (played by Judy Greer) on Facebook and invites her over for dinner.

Episode 18: Starry Night: Phil and Claire each help one of the kids with a school project.

Episode 19: Gamer Changer: Phil wants and iPad for his birthday and Claire has a little trouble getting one.

Episode 20: Benched: Mitchell gets Cameron a job interview.

Episode 21: Travels With Scout: Phil's father (played by Fred Willard) arrives in the RV for a visit and Claire is suspicious as to why.

Episode 22: Airport 2010: Gloria surprises Jay with a trip to Hawaii for his birthday though he isn't all that thrilled when he finds out that the entire family is coming.

Episode 23: Hawaii: Phil tries to make the trip to Hawaii romantic for him and Claire.

Episode 24: Family Portrait: Claire encounters plenty of trouble while trying to get the entire family to pose for a portrait.

Special Features: Deleted Family Interviews, Deleted, extended and alternate scenes, Gag reel, Real Modern Family moments, Before Modern Family, Fizbo the Clown, The Making of Modern Family: 'Family Portrait', Modern Family 'Hawaii'

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