The second album released in under a year!? Pretty ambitious for a youngster! Does she really have that much to say? Earlier in 2010 she released her brash debut album "Animal" and it shot straight to the top of the charts on the basis of singles like "Tik Tok" and "Your Love is My Drug". Just a few months later this nine track album was released. Capitalizing on her success? We'll see…

The album has a very retro synthesizers sound to it. Putting the club beats up front and center, she keeps up that brash in your face sexual nature of hers. Warning potential boyfriends about her high sexual need seems to be a priority…so high they are almost cannibalistic in nature. There are some (I was quite shocked) tender moments on a couple of the songs on the album. Maybe she will eventually turn away from this in-your-face persona and actually begin acting like a real human whose musical talents we can take seriously. For now she seems content in putting out music that is just to be seen as escapist rubbish.

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