Space Chimps 2: Zartog Strikes Back

Another example of a sequel that was thrown together to try and cash in on the success of the first film. This is apparent within moments of the film beginning. I was lost to the possibility that it might be good by about the two minute mark.

The Space Chimps have returned to Earth and are welcomed as heroes. Without them noticing, however, the space ship that they returned to Earth on contained a stowaway. Zartog (John Di Maggio – Little Fockers, Bee Movie) the bad guy from their first adventure, is frozen and living as a sculpture on someone's front lawn.

While the Chimps are preparing for their next trip to Malgor, Comet (Zack Shada – The Break-Up, Ice Age: The Meltdown) thinks he should accompany them on this mission as he helped so much with the first one. However, due to budget cutbacks Comet cannot go. Heartbroken, Comet sneaks onto the ship and accidentally sends it into orbit. This happening frees Zartog from his ice sculpture and he begins to cause trouble on Earth. Comet has to figure out a way to get back home and help his friends get rid of Zartog.

Space Chimps 2 is obviously meant for kids, but that does not excuse the lack of quality. The animation is even weak! With today's technology that is inexcusable to me! The story is totally lacking. There barely is even one. Some scenes are funny though I think that at that point I was really grasping for anything positive to bring away from it, so I can't be totally sure about the humour value. Obviously since they eliminated the animation quality and any semblance of a story the studio pinned their hopes on the 3D element of the film while it was in the theatre. I don't believe that even that could have solved the problem here. I can't even believe that there is enough here to keep even the youngest film fans entertained.

Special Features:
-Music Video "Liftoff" by Shada
-Alternate Scene

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