The Cleveland Show: The Complete Season One

Coming from his beginnings as one of the supporting characters in The Family Guy, Cleveland Brown has now struck out on his own. If you are a fan of The Family Guy then the humour, style, creative essence, and references to pop culture will be familiar to you. Lots of good voice actors and crude humour to enjoy.

Episode 1: Pilot: Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. hit the road and stop in on Cleveland's home town of Stoolbend, Virginia.

Episode 2: Da Daggone Daddy – Daughter Dinner Dance: Cleveland tries to get his stepdaughter to like him.

Episode 3: The One About Friends: Cleveland invites a young boy from the neighbourhood over in the hopes of finding a friend for his son Cleveland Jr.

Episode 4: Birth of a Salesman: Cleveland is helped in getting a job by Tim the Bear.

Episode 5: Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb: Cleveland talks to Roberta about the birds and the bees.

Episode 6: Ladies Night: Cleveland is upset by the fact that Donna is still going to a single mother's support group.

Episode 7: A Brown Thanksgiving: It is Cleveland's first Thanksgiving with his new family.

Episode 8: From Bed to Worse: With Cleveland Jr. and Roberta away, Cleveland and Donna have the house to themselves.

Episode 9: A Cleveland Brown Christmas: Roberta, who is now an animal activist, goes about trying to save reindeer.

Episode 10: Field of Streams: Cleveland is upset by the fact that his old high school no longer has a baseball team.

Episode 11: Love Rollercoaster: Hoping to teach her a lesson, Roberta's teacher urges her to change the way she looks.

Episode 12: Our Gang: Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. start a group that aims at helping delinquents.

Episode 13: Buried Pleasure: Cleveland introduces Holt to a redheaded cat-loving single woman.

Episode 14: The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool: Cleveland Jr. gets a job at the Broken Stool.

Episode 15: Once Upon a Tyne in New York: Trying to have their long overdue honeymoon, Cleveland and Donna go on a road trip to New York.

Episode 16: Brown Knight: Cleveland and Donna are held up while at an ATM.

Episode 17: Gone With the Wind: The Broken Stool hosts a karaoke contest.

Episode 18: Brotherly Love: Rallo tries to help Cleveland Jr. snare the girl of his dreams.

Episode 19: Brown History Month: Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. try to educate Donna and the girls about Black History Month.

Episode 20: Cleveland's Angels: When Cleveland gambles and loses Roberta's college fund he finds out that he was cheated.

Episode 21: You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown: Cleveland is upset by the fact that Cleveland Jr. will inherit his ex-wife's entire estate.

Special Features: Meet Cleveland, "Get Your Hump On" with Earth, Wind and Fire, The Making of "Get Your Hump On" with Earth, Wind and Fire, The Brotherly Love Table Read

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