The Glimmerberry Ball Movie

Three stories flow together to become one on this DVD. The real meaning of friendship is driven home. Everyone is supportive of each other and sugary sweet. Perfect for young girls. Nothing offensive and is simple enough that they can follow along. Plus there are no scary bad guys.

Though for all you old school folks out there (if you know what I mean) I was a little disappointed with the new look of Strawberry Shortcake. There was nothing wrong with the old look! Why do they change things that work?

Strawberry and her friends get together to celebrate winter. In the different adventures the girls exchange presents, try to solve a hollow tree mystery and carve the most beautiful Glimmerberry latern ever.

Special Features:
-"Never Say Never" Sing-Along
-Read-Along Storybook
-DVD-ROM Printable Coloring Pages

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