Bonanza: The Official Second Season – Volume 1

An American family trying to eke out an existence on the West. The Cartwrights – Ben (played by Lorne Greene), Adam (played by Pernell Roberts), Hoss (played by Dan Blocker), and Little Joe (played by Michael Landon) go up against outlaws, help those in need and fall for beautiful ladies all while running the Ponderosa Ranch in Virginia City.

Episode 1: Showdown: Adam is convinced by Sam Kirby (played by Ben Cooper), a friend of bank robber Pardo (played by Jack Lambert), to hire him as a bronc buster.

Episode 2: The Mission: Hoss convinces the Captain to hire the town drunk Charlie Trent (played by Henry Hull) lead an army platoon and a wagonload of gold across the Great Salt Flats, but it is made more difficult by the fact that the fired scout Cutter (played by Peter Whitney) wants revenge.

Episode 3: Badge Without Honor: U.S. Marshal Gerald Eskith (played by Dan Duryea) stays with the Cartwrights and announces that he will be taking Jason Blaine (played by Fred Beir) to San Francisco in order to testify against an outlaw gang.

Episode 4: The Mill: Bitter paraplegic Tom Edwards (played by Harry Townes), who is helped by his hired man Ezekiel (played by Claude Akins) is mean to his wife Joyce (played by Dianne Foster).

Episode 5: The Hopefuls: Adam and his friend Sam Bord (played by Dennis Patrick) accompany Quakers settlers while Sam's old friend Shen (played by Charles Maxwell) plans to steal the settlers' money.

Episode 6: Denver McKee: Little Joe and a retired sheriff await the return of his daughter Connie (played by Natalie Trundy) from boarding school.

Episode 7: Day of Reckoning: Bannock Indian Lagos (played by Anthony Caruso) tries to kill Ben, but his brother Matsou (played by Ricardo Montalban) stops him.

Episode 8: The Abduction: Gener (played by Jerry Oddo), a knife thrower, convinces his boss, carnival owner Reed (played by Gerald Mohr), to hold the mine owner's daughter for ransom.

Episode 9: Breed of Violence: The daughter of the district sheriff runs off with bank robber Vince Dagen (played by John Ericson) and his gang.

Episode 10: The Last Viking: Gunnar Borgstrom (played by Neville Brand) comes to Ponderosa to visit his nephew, Hoss.

Episode 11: The Trail Gang: Ben and Hoss hire a new young hand, who aims to confront his father and kill him.

Episode 12: The Savage: In a remote camp, a mysterious woman takes care of a wounded Adam.

Episode 13: Silent Thunder: Annie (played by Stella Stevens) is a deaf girl who lives in a shack in the mountains with her father (played by Kenneth Mackenna).

Episode 14: The Ape: Hoss becomes friends with Arnie (played by Cal Bolder), a giant with an uncontrollable temper who is a little slower mentally than your average guy.

Episode 15: The Blood Line: Ben kills Luke Grayson in self-defense and he tries to make it up to his young son, Todd (played by David Macklin).

Episode 16: The Courtship: Hoss falls in love with a beautiful widow and makes the announcement that they will be married.

Episode 17: The Spitfire: Little Joe stops a mountain man from starting a brush fire by killing him in self-defence.

Episode 18: The Bride: A young woman announces to the shocked Cartwright brothers that she is their father's bride.

Special Features: Archival Footage (1999): David Dortort Stories: "Bonanza Convention Greetings", Photo Gallery: Cast Appearances – Colortown, U.S.A. Celebration, Parades + Rodeos, Archival Footage (1999): David Dortort Stories: "A Student of History", On Air Promos, Archival Footage (1999): David Dortort Stories: "Color TV and Second Season Sucesses", Photo Gallery: Cast Members at "Home", Archival Footage: Richard "Cactus" Pryor Interviews Dan Blocker, Archival Footage (1999): David Dortort Stories: "Remembering Pernell Roberts", Photo Gallery: Ponderosa Set Publicity Poses

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