Lil Wayne

Unlike his previous release "Rebirth" this Lil Wayne CD is more fan friendly. Not quite as much experimenting going on here. As this was released while he was in jail I would assume it is stuff left over from "Rebirth", but who knows what goes on in prisons nowadays. I Continue Reading

Way Yes

Indie rock mixed with island rhythm is how to best describe this trio. Light, breezy and chill. Sounding kinda like Vampire Weekend if I'm pressed to play the usual comparison game. Everything they do is a little left of center, but definitely catchy. They write good melodies then add a Continue Reading


Very Andy Warhol this. Distorted guitar beats. Nintendo-like sounds. Clapping hands. Artistic yet accessible is what I mean. All very simple stuff and yet it works. Though simplicity is the name of the game none of the songs sound limp or lifeless. This Vancouver-based trio knows how to create sounds Continue Reading