The League: The Complete Season One

Fantasy football is huge in the United States. So huge that this show centers around four friends who engage in a hyper-competitive fantasy football league. It isn't even for money or anything big. Just a large ugly trophy and bragging rights. These four guys have been friends forever but that does not stop them from trash talking and doing whatever it takes to get the edge over the others. It gets so out of hand that their entire lives and careers bear the brunt of the competition.

Episode 1: The Draft: The gang gets ready for the upcoming fantasy football league draft.

Episode 2: The Bounce Test: Pete (played by Mark Duplass) tries to move on with his life after breaking up with his wife, Meegan (played by Leslie Bibb).

Episode 3: Sunday at Ruxin's: The gang all watches the games over at Ruxin's (played by Nick Kroll) and it is intense as usual.

Episode 4: Mr. McGibblets: Pete goes on a romantic pre-paid spa weekend with Andre (played by Paul Scheer) – by default because no one else is free to go, until Ruxin shows up…and then Taco (played by Jonathan Lajoie)…and then Kevin (played by Stephen Rannazzisi).

Episode 5: The Usual Bet: It is the playoffs and the stakes are high.

Episode 6: The Shiva Bowl: Andre's girlfriend Shiva (played by Janina Gavankar), the same name as the fantasy football trophy, wants to see the guys.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Andre: Dress with Style, Win with Style, Legalize Kevin's Pubic Smoke, More From FX: Archer: Pilot Episode, Blooper Reel, Deleted Scenes, Alt Nation, Mr. McGibblets Fun House + Dojo, Birthday Song, Three Penis Wine, Vaginal Hubris Extended

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