30 Rock: Season 3

This show is da bomb! It might take you a while or a couple of episodes to get into the rhythm of its quirky humour style but once you do you will be hooked. 30 Rock has won numerous Emmys and Golden Globe Awards during its four seasons. The show centers around the character of Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey), the producer of a variety show starring the insane but childlike Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan). It is chaos on the show and off. All this added up means hilarious television for the viewer.

Episode 1: Do-Over: An adoption evaluator (played by Megan Mullaly) makes a visit to the set and Liz does her darndest to make sure her co-workers don't ruin her chances of adopting.

Episode 2: Believe in the Stars: On a flight from Chicago Liz makes friends with the woman sitting beside her who she believes is Oprah Winfrey.

Episode 3: The One With the Cast of Night Court: Liz and Jenna's (played by Jane Krakowski) friend, Claire (played by Jennifer Aniston), comes to town for a visit and makes a play for Jack (played by Alec Baldwin).

Episode 4: Gavin Volure: Tracy believes that his kids might be plotting to kill him.

Episode 5: Reunion: Liz does not want to go to her high school reunion but Jack convinces her otherwise.

Episode 6: Christmas Special: Liz takes part in a charity program benefitting underprivileged kids.

Episode 7: Senor Macho Solo: Jack begins dating his mother's (played by Elaine Stritch) nurse, Elisa (played by Salma Hayek).

Episode 8: Flu Shot: Elisa is working seven days a week and this causes Jack to be very creative in his attempts to spend time with her.

Episode 9: Retreat to Move Forward: Jack, who is nervous, makes Liz come with him on the corporate retreat.

Episode 10: Generalissimo: After mistakenly getting his mail, Liz discovers that she has a good looking and single doctor (played by Jon Hamm) living in her building.

Episode 11: St. Valentine's Day: Liz and Drew have their first date on Valentine's Day.

Episode 12: Larry King: After Tracy's ridiculous interview on the Larry King Show, all of New York is in a panic.

Episode 13: Goodbye, My Friend: Liz makes friends with a pregnant teen in the hope of adopting her baby.

Episode 14: The Fun Cooker: Liz is stuck doing jury duty and the set of "TGS" is more chaotic than usual.

Episode 15: The Bubble: Jack tries to outsmart Tracy when it comes to the renegotiating of his contract.

Episode 16: Apollo, Apollo: Jack tries to plan a perfect 50th birthday party for himself.

Episode 17: Cutbacks: Due to budget cuts it looks like Jack is going to have to fire some "TGS" staff.

Episode 18: Jackie Jormp-Jomp: Liz is suspended from work and has a hard time living without the show.

Episode 19: The Ones: Jack and Elisa begin to seriously question their engagement.

Episode 20: The Natural Order: Jack's mother tells him things about his father that are none too pleasant.

Episode 21: Mamma Mia: Liz and Tracy talk Jack into looking for his biological father.

Episode 22: Kidney Now!: Somehow Liz becomes a relationship expert.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Behind-the-Scenes with The Muppets, 1-900-OKFACE, Kidney Now Table Read, The Making of "He Needs a Kidney"

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