90210: The First Season

When it first hit the airwaves in the 90s 90210 was a pop culture phenomenon. Teens and young adults could not get enough of Dylan, Donna, Brenda, and the rest of the gang from Beverly Hills. The way studios work now is that if it was a hit once why not try and recreate that success. So they have brought back the series with a whole new gang of rich friends and some of the original cast all grown up. This not classic television but it will keep you tuned in.

Episode 1: We're Not in Kansas Anymore, Part 1: Harrison Wilson accepts the job as principal of West Beverly Hills High.

Episode 2: The Jet Set, Part 2: Dixon has to deal with the fact that some of his lacrosse teammates are jealous of him.

Episode 3: Lucky Strike: Harry and Debbie organize a family bowling night that is interrupted by Annie and Dixon's friends.

Episode 4: The Bubble: Naomi confronts her father's mistress.

Episode 5: Wide Awake and Dreaming: The opening night of the school musical is fast approaching.

Episode 6: Model Behavior: Kelly (played by Jennie Garth) gets a phone call that could change things between her and Ryan.

Episode 7: Hollywood Forever: Naomi does something when Adrianna's drug habit gets out of hand.

Episode 8: There's No Place Like Homecoming: Naomi refuses to accept Adrianna's apology.

Episode 9: Secrets and Lies: Silver invites a few of her female friends over for a girls night but it quickly turns into a house party.

Episode 10: Games People Play: Harry's biological son, Sean, shows up for a visit disrupting the happy home.

Episode 11: That Which We Destroy: Brenda and Kelly's friendship falls apart when Kelly finds out Brenda slept with Ryan.

Episode 12: Hello, Goodbye, Amen: Annie begins to doubt that Sean is who he says he is after overhearing a phone conversation.

Episode 13: Love Me or Leave Me: Dixon comes clean to Silver about his feelings for her.

Episode 14: By Accident: Annie and Adrianna both audition for the lead in Anthony and Cleopatra.

Episode 15: Help Me, Rhonda: Silver and Dixon go through a rough patch.

Episode 16: Of Heartbreaks and Hotels: Adrianna's pregnancy becomes all that people can talk about around school.

Episode 17: Life's A Drag: Liam shows his bad boy side to Naomi and she kinda digs it.

Episode 18: Off the Rails: Silver, upset over Dixon's reaction to the film, disappears.

Episode 19: Okaeri, Donna!: Silver and Kelly are surprised to see Donna (played by Tori Spelling).

Episode 20: Between a Sign and a Hard Place: Donna has a hard decision to make about where she is going to live.

Episode 21: The Dionysian Debacle: Jen, Naomi's older sister, suddenly turns up.

Episode 22: The Party's Over: Something is going on between Ryan and Jen.

Episode 23: Zero Tolerance: Prom night is right around the corner.

Episode 24: One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer: Adrianna and Navid have to leave prom when she goes into labour.

Special Features: A Day in the Life of Ryan Eggold, Fitting In: The fashion of 90210, The music of 90210, Codes of behaviour, Set tours: The mansion – The Peach Pit – West Beverly High, The revival of a classic: Making 90210

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