Alex Borstein: Drop Dead Gorgeous in a Down-to-Earth Bombshell Sort of Way

You might not recognize the name but you will recognize the face and voice. Alex Borstein was one of the players on "Mad TV" (She does Ms. Swan – the character who utters 'He looka like a man") and she is the voice of Lois on "Family Guy". On this DVD this multi-talented lady shows that she is a pro at stand up comedy as well. The lady is foul-mouthed, witty, astute, and does a mean impression of Renée Zellweger. Of the female comediennes she is most like Margaret Cho in that much of her material entails stuff of empowerment for women. She pokes fun at the fact that it was seen as brave that the above mentioned actress gained 25 pounds to portray Bridget Jones when many women walk around that size every day! Much of the comedy she does do is biting and pokes fun at the superficiality of the world, especially Hollywood. A couple of times during the show she reads character breakdowns (descriptions of what they are looking for in actors/actresses who audition for roles) from television and film roles. She shows them to be completely ridiculous. Alex is also comfortable using her family, body size and female anatomy as resources for humour. Her material and delivery style is unique and truly funny. The only thing I feel I would have to warn people about is that she does swear a bit, so if you are offended by that then don't watch this. I have not enjoyed a stand up routine this much in a long time, so I highly recommend it to people who enjoy intelligent, but still hilarious material.

There is a short opening act by comedian Ted Harwick and it is forgettable, but thankfully there is a feature on the DVD that allows you to skip right to Alex Borstein.

Special Features:
-Take a tour of Family Guy with Alex
-Listen to the whole closing credits song

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