Alias: The Complete Fifth Season

Fans must have known that the jug was up with this series before it was even announced. What with Jennifer Gardner getting pregnant and J.J. Abrams directing big budget movies and other televisions shows…this coupled with the moving around of the air date and the lower ratings…let's just say that the writing was on the wall. This is the final season's episode of the series about a young woman, Sydney Bristow, working for a secret branch of the CIA alongside her father, Jack. She has to fight international terrorists and other assorted bad guys in all corners of the globe while keeping her job secret from those around her. Even though everyone involved knew this was going to be the last season even before they started filming, the season's 17 episodes were some of the strongest since its earliest years. Sydney is no longer the young girl who started in the spy business right out of college; she is now a mother and an experienced agent.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Prophet 5: Conclusion of the cliff hanger from Season 4. Sydney has to deal with a loss and a gain.

Episode 2: …1… : Sydney sees the first ultrasound of her baby. Renee and Sydney work together on a case for the first time.

Episode 3: The Shed: The team is on the hunt for Substance-33, a deadly poison that kills in seconds.

Episode 4: Mockingbird: Some new characters are added to the Alias family. Rachel shares her guilt with Sydney about the death of her co-workers.

Episode 5: Out Of The Box: Sloane wants back into APO so he can work on a cure for Nadia.

Disc Two:
Episode 6: Solo: Dean makes it clear to Sloane that he should be ready to kill Rachel's family who are in witness protection.

Episode 7: Fait Accompli: Renee and Sydney are working together on a mission which begins in Rome and then moves on to two other countries.

Episode 8: Bob: While on a job Rachel runs into Sark. They end up together and after Rachel is mad when she finds out who he is.

Episode 9: The Horizon: Sydney and Vaughn are reunited.

Episode 10: S.O.S.: Prophet 5 has captured Sydney.

Disc Three:
Episode 11: Maternal Instinct: Sydney gives birth. Someone we thought was dead isn't.

Episode 12: There's Only One Sydney Bristow: As payback for curing Nadia, Prophet 5 force Sloane to send Sydney out on a mission.

Episode 13: 30 Seconds: Nadia is finally out of her coma and is very angry towards her father, Sloane.

Episode 14: I See Dead People: Renee is dead and a microchip is found on her body. Vaughn is somehow connected.

Episode 15: No Hard Feelings: Sydney poses as Anna to infiltrate Prophet 5.

Disc Four:
Episode 16: Reprisal: APO prepares to arrest members of Prophet 5.

Episode 17: All The Time In The World: Conclusion of Reprisal and series finale. Flashbacks to Sydney's childhood.

Special Features:
-Behind the scenes at the 100th episode
-The Legend of Rambaldi
-The New Recruit: On Set With Rachel Nichols
-The music of Alias
-Deleted scenes
-Commentary with creators and cast on select episodes

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