All Dogs Go To Heaven: The Series – Dogs Undercover

Charlie, Itchy, Anabelle, and Sasha embark on more wild and wooly adventures. A focal point of their missions is to alter their identities. Using the voices of Sheena Easton, Dom DeLuise, Steven Weber, and Ernest Borgnine for the dogs, kids will enjoy the adventures of these four-legged heroes who go on missions for Heaven on Earth.

La Doggie Vita: A look-alike of Anabelle fools Charlie and Itchy into joining her on an evil assignment.

Magical Misery Tour: Charlie stretches himself too thin and decides to use a magical box to clone himself to make three Charlies.

Fearless Fido: A hypnotist changes Itchy into a superhero that fears nothing and no one.

The Big Fetch: A boring day for Charlie changes quickly after he gets hit on the head and finds himself in the middle of a 1930s detective flick.

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