Ally McBeal: The Complete First Season

Talk about a pop culture phenomenon! You couldn't go anywhere in the late 1990s without running into or hearing an Ally McBeal reference. The show was a huge hit and made a bid star of its star Calista Flockhart and introduced us to Lucy Liu, Jane Krakowski and Portia DiRossi. The way it was shot and the stories it told were completely groundbreaking for its time. There was the waddle, the dancing baby and the co-ed bathrooms, but I don't want to give it all away for those who were living under a rock and don't know anything about the show. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Pilot: Ally McBeal (played by Calista Flockhart) is a fresh off graduating from Harvard University lawyer, who finds herself unemployed. Things turn around when former classmate Richard Fish (played by Greg Germann) offers her a job at his law firm.

Episode 2: Compromising Positions: Ally finds herself defending Fish's partner, John Cage (played by Peter MacNicol), who has been arrested.

Episode 3: The Kiss: Ally is worried when Ronald Cheanie (played by Tate Donovan) does not kiss her after their first date.

Episode 4: The Affair: The fact that Ally has confided in Billy (played by Gil Bellows) upsets both Cheanie and Georgia (played by Courtney Thorne-Smith).

Episode 5: One Hundred Tears Away: Ally is arrested for aggravated assault and attempted shoplifting.

Episode 6: The Promise: An overweight lawyer collapses outside the courtroom and Ally has to give him mouth-to-mouth.

Episode 7: The Attitude: Georgia is the victim of the insecurities of a senior partner's wife.

Episode 8: Drawing the Lines: Billy and Georgia experience a lack of confidence in each other.

Episode 9: The Dirty Joke: Ally bets Renee (played by Lisa Nicole Carson) that she can tell a dirty joke and get more laughs.

Episode 10: Boy to the World: Judge Cone (played by Dyan Cannon) asks Ally to represent a woman who is up on her third solicitation charge.

Episode 11: Silver Bells: Fish proposes marriage to Judge Cone.

Episode 12: Cro-Magnon: Ally is shocked to find her biological clock is ticking loudly and it causes her to have strange thoughts.

Episode 13: The Blame Game: Cage takes on a wrongful death suit against an airline that Fish believes will bring a large amount of money into the firm.

Episode 14: Body Language: Ally and Renee are bridesmaids at a friends wedding, but are both disgusted by the rituals involved.

Episode 15: Once in a Lifetime: Fish is tired of the antics between Cage and Ally.

Episode 16: Forbidden Fruits: Renee begins to question Ally's sanity after seeing strange behaviour.

Episode 17: Theme of Life: Ally, Georgia and Renee sign up for a kick boxing class in order to reduce their stress.

Episode 18: The Playing Field: Ally is in a car accident with a client (played by Jesse L. Martin), who she is attracted to.

Episode 19: Happy Birthday, Baby: Ally is in denial about her birthday, but her co-workers forge on ahead.

Episode 20: The Inmates: Renee sleeps with another lawyer.

Episode 21: Being There: Georgia tells Billy that she took a pregnancy test and it came out positive.

Episode 22: Alone Again: Ally encourages Cage to tell a woman (played by Cynthia Stevenson) that he has feelings for her.

Episode 23: These Are the Days: Cage defends his second cousin, a man who believes he is Cupid.

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