Arnold Schwarzenegger: Comedy Favorites Collection

Arnold Schwarzenegger has primarily been known for his action adventure films. This former body building champ built his career with films like "Terminator", "Predator" and "Commando". It is quite brilliant to then cast him in comedies playing opposite his usual typecast. Sometimes this works better than others as you will see.


Many years ago a research project was conducted in the effort to produce the perfect human being. There was a problem and twin boys were born. One got all the positive qualities and the other the less savoury ones.

The two twins, Julius (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Vincent (played by Danny DeVito), are separated with Vincent being placed in an orphanage and Julius being raised on a secluded island by philosophers.

As an adult Vincent has got himself into many scrapes. This time his life is in danger due to some loan sharks who want him dead. Julius discovers that he has a brother and begins his search for him. He finds Vincent just in time and convinces him to look for their mother. Of course, the loan sharks are after them the whole time – unbeknownst to Julius.

Kindergarten Cop:

Tough undercover cop Detective John Kimble (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is assigned to pose as a kindergarten teacher in order to keep his eyes on the son (played by Joseph and Christian Cousins) and ex-wife of drug dealer Cullen Crisp (played by Richard Tyson). Kimble is hoping to get his ex-wife Rachel (played by Penelope Ann Miller) to testify against Crisp.


Dr. Alex Hesse (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Dr. Larry Arbogast (played by Danny DeVito) are conducting research on a new drug that will reduce the occurrence of pregnant women's' bodies rejecting the embryo and thus causing a miscarriage. Unfortunately their funding is cut and experimenting on humans is no longer possible.

The two doctors plod on and secretly make Hesse pregnant in order to test their drug, but things get complicated when he gets attached to the baby and will not end the pregnancy.

Special Features: Trailers, Making of Junior

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