Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built

As a young boy in Turkey Ahmet Ertegun loved two things: America and music. After emigrating to the U.S. he worked all of his adult life with his other love music. Ertegun built Atlantic records and signed and worked with some of its amazing talent for a great number of years. He worked with acts from Bette Midler to Kid Rock, from Ray Charles to Phil Collins and from Ben E. King to Eric Clapton. This music icon lived through Woodstock, the British Invasion, the catching on of Soul or R&B music, and more modern rock music. Ertegun saw and was a part of almost every important musical occurrence for many years. The fact that this man, who was an immigrant in the United States, is a testament to the importance culturally as well as musically he had on his environment. Due to his passion all the artists that worked for him seemed to have the utmost respect for him.

The DVD gives us an inside peek into the music industry then and now. We are flies on the wall in many instances. Through interviews, performances, studio sessions, and private video we learn much about this man and the label he made popular worldwide. The 2-hour special is narrated by Bette Midler and contains much rare footage. This is an obligatory watch for all music buffs.

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