Aziz Ansari: Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening

Most will recognize this young, highly regarded comic from his acting turns on things like "Parks and Recreation", "I Love You, Man" and the Adam Sandler film "Funny People". While he is an actor what he started off his career as is a stand up comedian.

I had heard some rumblings (all positive) about this guy last summer and being a busy person I forgot all about looking into him. Then his stand up DVD falls into my lap and I looked forward to watching it.

During this, his debut Comedy Central show, the subjects he talks about ranges from the thread count of sheets to Kanye West then on to harassing his chubby young cousin on Facebook. He certainly has his own style and his brand of humour is young, hip and fresh. You have to be up on your pop culture knowledge to get where this guy is coming from. Though it is short (56 minutes) he definitely crams a lot into it and there are plenty of laughs. As a bonus you get some additional minutes of him doing stand up as the character he played in "Funny People" called Raaaaaaaandy!

As a warning if you are a sensitive person and are offended by sexual humour or off coloured language stay away!

Special Features:
– UCB Comedy Death Ray Performance

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