Barney Miller: The Complete Third Season

Some new faces mix in with the familiar ones in season three of Barney Miller. Thankfully the familiar humour and edginess is still there. A nice blend of drama and humour make the show what it is. The men of the precinct have to deal with fire, blackouts, smog, and elections with the usual humour, exasperation and sarcasm that we've come to know and love them for.

Episode 1: Quarantine, Part 1: Wojo (played by Max Gail) brings in a sick perp and the precinct is put under quarantine as a result.

Episode 2: Quarantine, Part 2: The men at the precinct try to make it through the night without killing each other.

Episode 3: Bus Stop: The precinct is overflowing when they catch a thief and his busload of victims.

Episode 4: The Election: It's election time and that brings with it chaos.

Episode 5: Werewolf: A man who claims to be a werewolf is causing problems.

Episode 6: The Recluse: A prophet comes in telling the officers that the end is near.

Episode 7: Non-Involvement: Wojo and Barney (played by Hal Linden) have a disagreement over whether a crime has been committed.

Episode 8: Power Failure: The precinct has to deal with a power failure and a man with a split personality at the same time.

Episode 9: Christmas Story: Wojo does not know how to tell Yemana (played by Jack Soo) that his Christmas date is a prostitute.

Episode 10: Hash: Wojo brings in some brownies that his new girlfriend made but they are laced with hash.

Episode 11: Smog Alert: The city is under a smog alert.

Episode 12: Community Relations: Barney finds himself charged with harassment when he arrests a blind shoplifter.

Episode 13: The Rand Report: In order to avoid working one week per month as a uniformed foot patrol officer Wojo quits.

Episode 14: Fire '77: A suicidal couple are delighted with the prospect that the precinct might go up in flames.

Episode 15: Abduction: A couple with a daughter who is involved with a cult keep Barney very busy.

Episode 16: Sex Surrogate: Levitt (played by Ron Carey) is tired of waiting for a promotion so he quits the force.

Episode 17: Moonlighting: Barney finds out that Harris (played by Ron Glass) has been working another job.

Episode 18: Asylum: Marty (played by Jack Deleon) is picked up for violating his parole.

Episode 19: Group Home: Fish (played by Abe Vigoda) is now on mugging duty.

Episode 20: Strike, Part 1: The impending strike is on everyone's mind.

Episode 21: Strike, Part 2: Barney and Inspector Luger (played by James Gregory) are left to run the precinct when the detectives go out on strike.

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