Batman: The Movie – Blu-Ray Edition

At first while watching this film you might be fooled into thinking it is the worst film you have ever seen, but soon you will clue in that it is on purpose. Batman is a farce of the whole superhero film genre. There are plenty of "Pows" and "Bams" to go around and make you break out into a grin. Despite its silliness the script is well-written and intelligent. You can certainly have a good time with this one.

Batman (Adam West – from television's Family Guy) and Robin (Burt Ward – from television's Batman) have to do battle against the combined forces of their most devious of enemies – The Joker (Cesar Romero – Ocean's Eleven, Charlie Chan at Treasure Island), Catwoman (Lee Meriwether – The Ultimate Gift), The Riddler (Frank Gorshin – Twelve Monkeys, Firedog), and The Penguin (Burgess Meredith – Grumpier Old Men, Rocky V). Of course this dastardly quartet's goal is the control of the entire world.

After being tricked into believing that Commodore Schmidlapp is in peril the Dynamic Duo head off to rescue him, but in reality the real Commodore has been kidnapped by the evil foursome. Next they set their sights on the United World Security Council and Batman and Robin have to spring into action before it is too late.

This campy film is based on the 1960s television series and follows along the same vein. Scene after scene you get to watch the heroes and villains put in the most ridiculous scenes and saying very funny dialogue. What more could you want from a farce? If you are not interested in seeing the funnier side of Batman then don't bother.

Special Features:
-Batman: A Dynamic Legacy featurette
-Caped Crusaders: A Heroes Tribute featurette
-Gotham City's Most Wanted featurette
-2001 featurette
-The Batmobile Revealed with George Barris
-The Batmobile interactive tour
-Batman on location: Mapping the movie
-Holy Trivia Track, Batman!
-Original theatrical teaser & trailer
-Spanish trailer
-Still galleries

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