Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

It is always strange to me when a good television series makes a feature length film (of the straight to DVD or to be shown on television variety) and it doesn't seem like they cater it to their already large fan base. If something isn't broke why would you tinker with it? And for newcomers to the franchise it would turn them off from watching the series, no? It ends up being a weak attempt at capitalizing of the success of the series that damages its reputation.

The Cylons were initially the robot servants of humans. They then rebelled, fought against humans and now look like humans. It did not end there as they now had a plan. They want to destroy the race (humans) that previously enslaved them. A huge battle/war ensues in which the Cylons emerge victorious from, but there are some human survivors. In order to survive humans split up into two groups in the hopes that this will help them survive the next Cylon attack.

Now two separate Cylon leaders take their own course in trying to finish the plan that was started – the annihilation of the human race.

At best this can be categorized as a companion piece to the series, but in the end it is not a good one. What are we supposed to feel about a supposedly "new" film that is comprised of stock footage from the television series. So for fans it is stuff you've already seen and the rest can best be described as filler. Disappointing to say the least. The new stuff all falls into the "who cares" and "zzzzz" categories. All the stuff you might be interested in learning more about or have questions about is not addressed. Questions like why the Cylons chose now to attack, their motivations and the psychology behind their attack are completely ignored.

One strong thing about the film is that it looks cool. The visuals are strong. The rest…well, watch for yourself if you dare.

Special Features:
-From Admiral to Directors: Edward James Olmos and The Plan
-The Cylons of The Plan
-The Cylon Attack
-Visual Effects: The Magic Behind The Plan
-Deleted Scenes

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