Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia

If going behind enemy lines was not a smart thing to do the first and second time you did it why to God would you go a third time? This is the question that director Tim Matheson (episodes of Burn Notice and Psych) should have been asking himself before making this atrocity.

An elite team of Navy Seals finds themselves trapped deep inside Columbia and it is not friendly territory. What makes things worse is that they are on a secret mission and not even supposed to be there. The U.S. government cannot do anything without beginning an international incident. The soldiers are basically abandoned by the American government and have to use their own wits and skills to get themselves out alive.

At this time Columbia is a mess with an internal war going on between the government and guerillas. A U.S. Navy Seals is sent secretly into Columbia to observe a meeting between two factions and are there to make sure it is peaceful. Unfortunately for everyone the meeting is attacked and leaders on both sides are killed. It becomes dicier when the Navy Seals are framed for the attack. The American government can do nothing to try to get them out as they are not supposed to be there in the first place. The men now have to try to find evidence of their innocence on their own and prevent an all-out war from breaking out.

A low budget (and its obvious) and some professional wrestlers as main characters adds up to a disaster of a film. It features a story that makes such little sense that it isn't even in the slightest way comprehensible. It is the script? Is it the direction? Who cares! The only entertainment will be the laughs you get from lines so cheesy they are of the limburger variety.

Special Features:
-Trailers for Babylon A.D., Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead and The Betrayed
-The Big Guns: Military Action on Film
-Columbia Norte: On Location in Puerto Rico
-The Rockets Red Glare: Explosions Explained
-The Art of the Fall: Stunt Secrets
-Comedy in Columbia: Bloopers + Other Relief
-Stars with Stripes: Casting Joe + Mr. Kennedy

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