Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil

The U.S. Navy Seals are sent to North Korea with the orders to destroy a missile site. North Korea has recently gained the use of a long-range nuclear missile and the U.S. president (Peter Coyote – A Walk to Remember, Erin Brokovich) seems to have no other choice then to order a secret hit on the site. The idea is to cut off any attempt by the unpredictable North Koreans to start a nuclear war. The Seals cannot fail. Suddenly after discussions with South Koreans envoys, the U.S. calls off the mission at the last moment. Four Seals are stranded in North Korea after having jumped from their airplane. Lieutenant Robert James (Nicholas Gonzalez – from television's The O.C.), Cam Dunlevey (Shane Edelman – Shopgirl, Flightplan), Ensign David Barnes (Eyal Podell – Behind Enemy Lines), and Meideros (Mykel Shannon Jenkins – Mr. 3000, Double Jeopardy) are left to fend for themselves, as it is too risky for the Americans to go in and rescue them. They must, in order to get out alive, defeat an entire North Korean troop all by themselves.

Trying to recreate the tension and suspicion of North Korea that is actually happening in the world, the makers of this film tried to make a combat film which is realistic, but failed. The story and idea behind it is current and relevant, but it is the realism factor that falls flat. A few plot holes in a war/action film are tolerable but not enough to drive a truck through it. Director/producer/screenwriter James Dodson (Deadly Rivals) has conceived of and made a war film in which there are no real enemies or bad guys. The South Koreans are nice as well as the leader of the North Korean troop. Who are we to hate? Who do we want the good guys to defeat? Quite problematic, I'd say. This leads to no tension and as a result you end up with a boring film. Also the special effects are so low budget that they are laughable at times. Some of the blood actually looks like paint. C'mon, tension and blood are the staples of war films. When you have neither being present or realistic then you are left with nothing.

Special Features:
-Widescreen and Full-Screen versions
-Communicating Behind Enemy Lines: A look on the set featurette
Exploring Enemy Lines: Decision and Perception featurette
-Original trailer
-Trailer for Behind Enemy Lines

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