Beverly Hills 90210: The Fifth Season

The series was the cat's meow during the 90s and it was recently announced that they are filming an update. Turmoils and triumphs of a gang of friends who attended Beverly Hills High.

Episode 1: What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories: Brenda (played by Shannen Doherty) does not return from London.

Episode 2: Under the Influence: Dylan (played by Luke Perry) makes a scene in front of the whole gang at the engagement party.

Episode 3: A Clean Slate: Brandon (played by Jason Priestly) wins the election only to find out his running mate has been killed.

Episode 4: Life After Death: Felice sets up Donna (played by Tori Spelling) with a friend's son.

Episode 5: Rave On: Andrea (played by Gabrielle Carteris) is upset when she sees her husband (played by Mark D. Espinoza) flirting with other women at work.

Episode 6: Homecoming: Ray (played by Jamie Walters) and Donna work together at his family's pumpkin patch.

Episode 7: Who's Zoomin' Who?: The Peach Pit is shut down.

Episode 8: Things That Go Bang in the Night: Valerie (played by Tiffani Amber-Thiessen) finds out her mother has been admitted to the psychiatric ward of a hospital.

Episode 9: Intervention: The gang stages an intervention for Dylan.

Episode 10: The Dreams of Dylan McKay: Dylan's crazy dreams are examined.

Episode 11: Hate Is Just a Four-Letter Word: Brandon tries to map out his plan of action when a controversial speaker comes to CU.

Episode 12: Rock of Ages: Jim gets Brandon tickets to The Rolling Stones show at the Hollywood Bowl.

Episode 13: Up in Flames: Kelly (played by Jennie Garth) is trapped in a fire with another girl.

Episode 14: Injustice for All: Kelly suffers some severe burns during the fire.

Episode 15: Christmas Comes This Time Each Year: Cindy (played by Carol Potter) and Jim (played by James Eckhouse) go to visit Brenda for the holidays.

Episode 16: Sentenced to Life: Steve (played by Ian Ziering) has to work at a retirement village.

Episode 17: Sweating It Out: Brandon and Dylan hit the road together.

Episode 18: Hazardous to Your Health: Dylan heads to Punta Brava to meet an informant (played by Wings Hauser) who he hired to catch Suzanne (played by Kerrie Keane).

Episode 19: Little Monsters: After Dylan pays Val she tries to get more out of the informant.

Episode 20: You Gotta Have Heart: The new After Dark Club is the location of a Valentine's Day benefit put on by the whole gang.

Episode 21: Stormy Weather: Dylan gives Brandon advice about Kelly.

Episode 22: Alone at the Top: Val becomes the new owner of After Dark.

Episode 23: Love Hurts: Donna narrowly avoids being attacked by a crazed guy who gets a hold of her keys and waits for her in her apartment.

Episode 24: Unreal World: David (played by Brian Austin Green) and Clare (played by Kathleen Robertson) film the gang.

Episode 25: Double Jeopardy: David accompanies Donna on a trip to Portland to see her estranged mother.

Episode 26: A Song for My Mother: Ray gets rough with Donna because he is mad that David is with her.

Episode 27: Squash It: Steve and David host an R&B night at After Dark.

Episode 28: Girls on the Side: Being the Seventeen magazine covergirl does not make Kelly happy.

Episode 29: The Real McCoy: While under hypnosis Dylan finds out that he was in love with a girl that looked exactly like Kelly in a past life.

Episode 30: Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills: The gang throws a going away party for Andrea.

Episode 31: P.S. I Love You: Brandon is still hurt by the fact that Kelly broke up with him.

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