Bewitched: The Complete Seventh Season

What would you do if you were married to a witch? That is quite a loaded question. Think of all the benefits and then think about all the minuses. That is the life that Darrin Stephens has. He has a beautiful wife but she is a witch. You decide if he is lucky or cursed.

Episode 1: To Go or Not to Go, That is the Question, Part 1: Hepzibah, the High Priestess of Witches, does not approve of Samantha's marriage to Darrin.

Episode 2: Salem, Here We Come, Part 2: A friend of Darrin's falls for Hepzibah and cause her to change her mind about mortal/witch unions.

Episode 3: The Salem Saga, Part 1: Darrin and Samantha go on vacation to Salem, Massachusetts.

Episode 4: Samantha's Hot Bed Warmer, Part 2: Samantha has to try and get Darrin cleared of a crime he did not commit.

Episode 5: Darrin on a Pedestal: Serena brings a statue to life and replaces him with Darrin.

Episode 6: Paul Revere Rides Again: Paul Revere believes that it is 1776 again and does his famous ride.

Episode 7: Samantha's Bad Day in Salem: A former boyfriend of Samantha's is chasing her again.

Episode 8: Samantha's Old Salem Trip: The Stephen's return home but Esmerelda blinks Samantha back to Salem.

Episode 9: Samantha's Pet Warlock: Ashley the warlock wants to free Samantha from her mortal bonds but ends up turning himself into a dog.

Episode 10: Samantha's Old Man: Endora changes Darrin into an old man and tries to hide him.

Episode 11: The Corsican Cousins: Endora puts a spell on Samantha that makes her do exactly as Serena does.

Episode 12: Samantha's Magic Potion: Darrin insists that Samantha give him some creativity magic.

Episode 13: Sisters at Heart: Racism rears its ugly head when Tabitha (white) and Lisa (black) decide they want to be sisters.

Episode 14: Mother-in-Law of the Year: Samantha poses as Endora but that does not go over well.

Episode 15: Mary the Good: Samantha takes the place of the Good Fairy.
Episode 16: The Good Fairy Strikes Again: Samantha is not having a good time as the Good Fairy and wants Mary to take back her wings.

Episode 17: The Return of Darrin the Bold: Endora and Serena give Darrin powers and he becomes Darrin the Bold of the 14th century.

Episode 18: The House that Uncle Arthur Built: Uncle Arthur stores his practical jokes at the Stephen's house and chaos ensues.

Episode 19: Samantha and the Troll: Samantha goes away for a checkup and Serena takes over for her at home.

Episode 20: This Little Piggie: Endora accuses Darrin of being pig headed and to prove her point she gives him one.

Episode 21: Mixed Doubles: Samantha wakes up in Larry's bed and Louise in Darrin's

Episode 22: Darrin Goes Ape: Darrin learns the hard way not to mess with Serena after she turns him into an ape.

Episode 23: Money Happy Returns: Darrin gets into trouble trying to prove he is not cheap.

Episode 24: Out of the Mouths of Babes: Endora changes Darrin into a little boy.

Episode 25: Sam's Psychic Pslip: Darrin catches Samantha using magic to clean the house.

Episode 26: Sam's Magic Mirror: Esmerelda is depressed because an old boyfriend is coming for a visit and her powers are not up to snuff.

Episode 27: Laugh, Clown, Laugh: Endora believes Darrin does not have a sense of humour so she casts a spell on him turning him into a comedian.

Episode 28: Samantha and the Antique Doll: Samantha makes Phyllis think that she has magical powers.

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