Black Rain: Special Collector’s Edition – Blu-Ray

Whatever film Ridley Scott (Gladiator, The Good Year) is involved in somehow turns out to be entertaining. Even when it's the sub-par, for him, film "Black Rain". The film is mindless, silly, predictable, and yet you will find yourself somehow entertained by it. It is as though Scott was following a paint-by-numbers type formula to deliver this action/cop/thriller film. Somehow he manages to add a new twist to it and keeps up our interest. Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia have both turned in better performances in other films but even that does not detract from the viewer's enjoyment. Like most Ridley Scott films it is a dark (in subject and look) one with plenty of night time scenes and rain. Another strength of Scott's is how he makes his villains grotesque and his heroes are not perfect. This tends to make his film watchable and more realistic.

Nick (Michael Douglas – Wallstreet, Traffic) is a renegade cop who lives on the edge. His partner, Charlie (Andy Garcia – When a Man Loves a Woman, The Untouchables), is a polished kind of guy with expensive suits and ties. They are opposites who are perfect together. After capturing a Japanese criminal, Sato (Yusaka Matsuta – starred in several Japanese films), only to have him called back home by his government, Nick and Charlie are chosen to escort him back to Japan. Thinking they are handing him over to Japanese police, they mistakenly hand him back over to his gang. This angers Nick and he wants to stay in Japan until Sato is recaptured. Charlie and Nick are not looked upon favourably by Japanese police, especially Nick and his methods, so they are shadowed by Matsumoto (Ken Takakura – Mr. Baseball). Also being in a new country and having their firearms confiscated does not help matters. Nick meets a fellow American named Joyce (Kate Capshaw – Love Affair, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), a high priced escort, who helps him understand what he is up against.

Special Features:
-Theatrical Trailer
-"Black Rain: The Script, The Cast" featurette
-"Black Rain: Making the Film Part 1" featurette
-"Black Rain: Making the Film Part 2" featurette
-"Black Rain: Post Production" featurette

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